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December 29, 2016 - Comments Off on GOOD-BYE 2016, HELLO 2017

GOOD-BYE 2016, HELLO 2017


Project Description:

At Juniper Jones, the studio I work for, we all mutually agree that 2016 was the a pretty bad year, as does the mass majority of the internet. For New Years, I decided to make an ornate card with a very intense good-bye to 2016 and welcoming with full hope 2017. The concept was to show how 2016 made us feel after twelve long months of what seemed to be bad news.  Supported with the hand drawings, clocks changing time and hot pink line work that helps the good-bye not be so aggressive. Still none the less, nothing saying Happy New Years like a bottle of champagne, a bubbling glass and fireworks.













September 17, 2016 - Comments Off on Collin’s Quarter

Collin’s Quarter


Project Description:

Collin’s Quarter is a local restaurant in Savannah, Georgia. The restaurant is a twist between Savannah Southern food and Australian food. The design consists of three food menus, a bar menu, coffee menu, business cards, and coasters. Each menu is organized for the customers to read and order efficiently. The menus terminology mixes southern and Australian slang. There is a modern/linear appeal about the restaurant, paralleled in the menu design. Overall the design takes into consideration the budget of the restaurant and constant changing menus. After interviewing the owner and customers, the design fits the needs and wants for the restaurant.





























August 29, 2016 - Comments Off on Book Making

Book Making


Project Description:

These books are all handmade, printed, and crafted by me. The tactile essence of a book already speaks to the viewer but are enhanced with the use of color, shapes, texture, and photography. This helps my concepts speak differently, than the traditional branding, editorial, and promotional work.




n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.
Definition by John Koenig



















































































Earth & Fire

A book cover influenced by the visuals of Earths layers and fires destruction.
















The Wood

An accordion book influenced by Walden a book by Henry David Thoreau. The text within the book is taken from books about aristocratic societies. The visuals collaged together represent the escape one experiences in nature. 









































An accordion book about need of desire articulated by patterns and a poem of the wind.

















April 22, 2016 - Comments Off on Pacific Park

Pacific Park

Project Brief:

Pacific Park is a new neighborhood being built in the heart of Brooklyn. This project is a team partnership with COOKFOX, SHOP, GreenlandForestCity Partners, KPF, ForestCityRatner, Marvel Architects, thomas balsley associates.


Project Description:

Pacific Park Branding involved an edit to the original Pentagram designed logo, making it more modern and dynamic. With the logo edit, deciding on new typefaces, color, and graphics for the brand were the main focus. Situated between Fort Greene, Boerum Hill, Clinton Hill, Prospect Heights, and Park Slope, Pacific Park Brooklyn links “old Brooklyn” to “new Brooklyn,” connecting everyone in between. 











Outdoor Fence Design

About 1700ft of fence graphics wrapping the construction site. Promotion for the new Pacific Park location and branding.

















April 15, 2016 - Comments Off on Squeeze Me Softly

Squeeze Me Softly


Project Description:

Squeeze Me Softly is a juice bar that has the look and feel of an actual bar. People go there only for non-alcoholic beverages. The branding consists of a logo, outside store graphics, menu, coasters, and business cards. Squeeze Me Softly is meant to have a flirty feel to it. The fruit aspect enhances the sexual appeal, which will attract customers because of the interesting experience. The main focus was to stay away from the cliche “health” concept of juicing like most brands do, but make the brand about the experience and not just the product.





























April 14, 2016 - Comments Off on BEE CAUSE


Project Description:

BEE CAUSE is a multi-material guide that informs the reader about issues regarding the collapsing of the bees environmental structure that is causing them to go extinct. The book articulates why bees are going extinct, what the results will be of their extinction, and what we can do to prevent it. The multi-page website complements the book by exposing the collapsing of the bees environmental structure, draws a parallel to the collapsing of the human environmental structure and gives a call to action. The website directs the reader to take action by using the mini seed paper cards that come with the book and to plant them. The goal of BEE CAUSE is to create an easy and direct way for the viewer to be informed and take part in an environmental crisis.



































April 14, 2016 - Comments Off on Bon Iver

Bon Iver


Project Description:

Bon Iver’s album, Bon Iver, is an album about a personal journey and what it really means when we say we are “here.” An exploration as to what places are and what places aren’t. The album plays with the juxtaposition of opposite ideas, worth and worthlessness. To develop an album style and design that underlines the theme of the album and yet is interesting for the audience is important. Music meanings are hard to decipher, therefore the website can be easily navigated and captivate the audience visually and auditory. The contents are an LP case, Vinyl sticker, action card, and a multi-page website.




























March 18, 2016 - Comments Off on Molly Strohl

Molly Strohl


Project Description:

Molly Strohl’s identity and branding design consist of business cards, mailers, and a mini magazine to display and archive her work. Molly is a photographer that bases her work on a series of ideas, never staying cemented with a style or subject matter. The goal is to have her work be promoted to professional studios and freelance clients, displaying her skill and compositional developments.































March 14, 2016 - Comments Off on Milk & Honey

Milk & Honey


Project Description:

To combine strategic research with quality design, providing unparalleled information about regions and their adventures. To present an organized archive on travel opportunities that are exclusive and tailored towards a specific lifestyle. MILK&HONEY strives to help consumers be more involved in unique experiences. The design is meant to be clean and formal.

































March 2, 2016 - Comments Off on Anthropologie


Project Description:

Anthropologie promotional design is based on the 2015 Pantone color of the year, Marsala. Marsala has been a popular color for many clothing lines this year. The promotional designs are two posters, a lookbook, and a mini swatch book that help women choose a color scheme for an outfit. These items are focused on the concept of Pantone's and shapes that contribute to fashion styles of this Summer and Fall lines.