Branding & Creative Direction


Food is a vital part of family & culture. We make Memories, relationships, and many conversations over food. A good meal is important, and pairing flavor is more important. YAYA’S SPICE company is a mom n’ pop company that creates sauces, rubs, and spice blends that taste as though your Grandmother is cooking. With this company, the challenge was branding a hot sauce that stands out and speaks to the same essence of southern charm. Most hot sauces are branded with busy graphics and colors that can be overwhelming for the consumer but also camouflage the product on a shelf. I worked with a minimal design, chose typography to fit the "southern charm" mold, and delegated a color to each flavor. The creative direction for social media is meant to be bold, to help the product stand out and attract a broad range of consumers. Hot sauce in my bag ~